BMW 3 Series (E90) Coil Over Guide

BMW PSS9 Bilstein E90 3 Series BMW
PSS9 is a Performance Suspension System with 9 damping settings and progressive springs. The mono-tube gas shock absorbers feature compression and rebound adjustments from comfort to competition. Bilstein claims the PSS9 system will last four times as long as OEM and offers a lifetime warranty.

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BMW Tuning Bilstein Suspensio PSS10

The PSS10 Coil-Over System is an evolution of the PSS9 system. Ten settings are available at the base of the shock body so you know exactly what setting you are on without counting clicks. Ride height adjustments can be made on the vehicle without removing the suspension. A solid aluminum nut adjusts the vehicle's ride height. Bilstein includes special wrenches in the PSS10 kit. The shock body is mated with a solid steel polished shaft, machined valving components and high quality seals. Bilstein backs the PSS10 with an aftermarket lifetime warranty.

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Coilover BMW Eibach 3 Series E90

Adjustable Lowering: from 0.8" to 3.0"

Made with Rust-Free Stainless Steel Technology.

Nose dive under braking is reduced, as well as excessive body roll in hard cornering.

The entire Eibach production process, from development to shipping is certified by the highest ISO quality standards. Eibach springs is involved in series as different as Formula 1 and NASCAR. The list of Eibach partners includes: AMG, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and many, many more.

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Front: 1.25-2.5” (30-60mm)
Rear: 0.75-2.0” (20-50mm)
HR Coil-overs E90 BMW Tuning

The H&R Premium Performance Coil-Over Kits comes with black aluminum front struts to reduce unsprung weight 30-40% compared to stock. The H&R coilovers use a threaded body and spring perch that can be moved up or down to adjust the ride height. H&R coil-overs for the BMW E90 feature shocks specifically engineered to work smoothly with the progressive springs. H&R coil-over suspension is hand-assembled in Germany under rigid ISO and TÜV standards.

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Front: 1.2-2.3” (30-60mm)
Rear: 0.9-2.1” (25-55mm)
Street Performance BMW HR Suspension

H&R originated the coil-over system for the street and continues to lead the market. H&R Street Performance Coil Overs have threaded shocks like a bolt so the spring perch can be moved up or down like a nut. This determines ride height and handeling. Each mono-tube gas shock is specifically engineered to work smoothly with the progressive springs. Black anodized aluminum front struts are used to keep weight down. H&R units are hand-assembled in Germany under rigid ISO 9001 and TÜV standards.

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Front: -1.2-2.3” (30-60mm)
Rear: -0.9-2.1” (20-55mm)
KW V1 Variant 1 KW Suspension E90 BMW
The KW Variant 1 coilovers make the ride height of the BMW 3 Series infinitely adjustable but the damping rate of the Variant 1 comes pre-set from the factory. KW trademark yellow springs and purple anodized aluminum parts come with bump stops that help protect against dust. Aluminum spring collars adjust the position of the springs upwards or downwards via a trapezoidal thread. The damper housings are available in stainless steel or galvanised steel to maximise durability.

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Front: -1.2-2.3” (30-60mm)
Rear: -0.9-2.1” (20-55mm)
BMW Tuning KW Suspension Variant 2 V2
The Variant 2 is intended for the driver who requires individual lowering of the BMW 1 Series and individual suspension characteristics. The Variant 2 includes all features of the KW Variant 1 with the addition of adjustable rebound. The rebound damping primarily, controls pitch and roll of the vehicle, which directly influences handling and comfort. The BMW 3 Series can be adjusted to the needs of the driver, making the ride variable from comfortable to sporty stiff. Adjustments can be made with the kit installed using a spindle on the end of the piston rod. Dampening can be adjusted without removing the wheels. At the front, adjustments are made on top of the strut, in the rear removal of the trunk liner is required to access the top of the rear struts. Adjustments to the ride height requires removing the wheels for your BMW 3 Series.

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Front: -1.2-2.3” (30-60mm)
Rear: -0.9-2.1” (20-55mm)

The Variant 3 represents state-of-the-art technology for the BMW E90. Separate and independent compression and rebound damping options allow an individual set-up. Adjustments to the compression in the low-speed range can be made for optimal cornering performance. High speed settings are preset by KW to guarantee the comfort level. The compression characteristics are adjusted with a valve at the lower end of the damper casing.

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