BMW M3 (E46) Coupe Axle-Back Exhaust

Replacing the exhaust from the rear axle back has a small effect on horsepower but a lightweight piece is beneficial to the power/weight ratio. The main raison for buying an exhaust is the sound. For your convience there are video clips included but please note that the low quality does no justice to the actual sound produced.


"Just replaced my stock exhaust with the Active Autowerke exhaust. It's awesome, I love the low end growl."
2004m3smgcab on

Active Autowerke offers an exhaust that's well suited to both naturally aspirated and supercharged vehicles. This new and revolutionary design enables the AA exhaust to literally unleash horsepower without restrictions. Performance gains of at least 5 peak rear wheel horsepower can be expected on your E46 M3.

With its flush aerodynamic hexagonal muffler design, high-polish finish and quad 80mm straight tips, this rig is considered by many enthusiasts to be the sleekest, most aggressive exhaust around. Installation is simple, utilizing all the stock mount points without requiring modifications to the rear valance. The polished 100% 304 stainless steel exhaust is covered by a limited lifetime warranty with free tech support.
Available from JLevi | VividRacing

BMW E46 M3 Agency Power Exhaust
"I had the Agency Power Exhaust. I was in LOVE! Only complaint was the fitment... Now they have V2 with corrected fitment."
BlackOnBlack on

"The AP is exhaust is awesome but just got too loud, when I drove in the neighborhood it was waking up babies! That's the reason I sold mine, otherwise it sounds awesome!"
0-60Motorsports on
Agency Power wanted to develop an exhaust that not only had an amazing sound and look, but had great performance gains on the street.This brand new exhaust features extreme quality and fitment. The full stainless muffler system is completely polished. It fits to your stock exhaust hangers and fits stock pipes or aftermarket pipes using the same flange connection. The mufflers save almost 30lbs off the rear end of your car. The quad titanium tips with blue edges give the rear end of your BMW M3 a touch of racing inspired style.

The Agency Power exhaust will give your M3 a deep sound that stuns the competition on drive by, but at the same time manages to keep drone outside the cabin while cruising. Expect to see a gain in mid to high rpm's with this exhaust as it adds about 12 wheel horsepower.

Available from Jlevi | VividRacing

B&B Exhaust BMW E46 M3
B&B's E46 M3 full stainless steel exhaust utilizes Quad 3 inch elliptical rolled edge tips with B&B's pattened muffler design to get you over 20 wheel horsepower. This Product is made to order in the USA.

Available from VividRacing | Andy's AutoSport

Borla Performance Exhaust BMW M3 E46
Borla Performance Industries T-304 stainless steel systems are engineered for maximum power with a distinctive sound. Systems include a full welded case high-flow muffler, mandrel bent tubing, and polished stainless steel tip(s). Complete hardware and instructions are also included. All Borla systems are backed by a one million mile warranty that covers every part of the systems including hardware. You can expect a power increase of 8 HP and 12 ft lbs Torque.

Available from VividRacing | Andy's AutoSport

Stainless Steel
Exhaust BMW M3 E46 JIC CROSS
This CROSS exhaust systems is made of lightweight stainless steel. Weighing in just between 22-29 lbs. these exhausts systems are the lightest stainless steel models on the market. Larger 2 x 60.5mm piping and thinner walls increase perfromance.

Availale from VividRacing

Titanium Exhaust BMW E46 M3
JIC CROSS Exhaust Systems are made of ultra lightweight full titanium. Weighing in just between 10-16lbs. these exhausts systems are the lightest ones on the market. Power to weight ratio of the E46 M3 is increased due to the massive weight savings that the exhaust offers. Also larger piping and 1mm thin walls aid in power and heat dissapation preventing "heat soak". This exhaust is built utilizing the latest state-of-the-art equipment with large diameter piping and smooth bends.

Available from VividRacing

Kriessieg M3 E46 Exhaust

"I had it on my car... as for noise... it is INSANELY LOUD, even with the valve closed you have to scream to hear ppl in the car!"
ziddy617 on

Kreissieg exhaust systems delivers the premier exhaust systems for exotic vehicles. The Kreissieg Type F1 Race exhaust system has a unique design that delivers performance and sound on demand. It featuers 4 x 80 mm tips and weighs only weighs 35lbs.

Unlike any other exhaust, this system allows the driver complete control over the exhaust performance and sound attributes. Strategic placement of butterfly valves in the system allows for instantaneous control between Normal and F1 modes. A switch placed within the cabin controls the valves. With a simple flip of the switch, the driver selects between Normal and F1 modes.

Normal Mode: This path is a traditional path that takes the exhaust through the catalytic converters and muffler chamber before it exits at the rear tips.

F1 Mode: This path bypasses both the catalytic converters and muffler chamber, thus taking the exhaust straight from the manifold to its exit at the rear tips. F1 Mode produces the greatest possible horsepower gain with a true F1 race-style sound.

Available from VividRacing

E46 M3 BMW Exhaust Stainless Steel
All Supersprint mufflers are of the flow through resonated design. This means each unit has no chambers or baffles to reduce velocity. Simply, a straight through in & out design. Tubing is always mandrel bent for maximum flow. The internal components are 100% stainless steel with a high heat resistant rock wool sound suppressing material, not found in any other systems. Flanges and hangers are OEM quality for a perfect fit. All Housings are manufactured from 1.5mm material that is M.I.G. welded at all seams. The systems is 100% 304 stainless, aluminized on the inside and outside, then black heat coated for corrosion prevention.

Available from VividRacing

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