BMW 1 Series-Coil Over Guide

BMW E82 1 Series Coil Over CROSS Coilover

"The car feels a lot tighter and body roll is massively reduced. Since the car doesnt squat anymore acceleration improved quite dramatically. They are very firm but not jarring and I like them. Compression/rebound setting is still based on factory tuning which I am yet to play with later on. Overall, it's a beautiful kit that works very well."
The Competition Series Coilover is a street system intended for track use. CROSS focused on lightweight and strength without sacrificing durability. This system features 15-way adjustable monotube gas damper and durable cool bend linear springs.

The CROSS coilover offers adjustable ride-height independently from spring rates, rebound or compression settings. Spring rates can be custom tailored to the driver's preference. Pillow ball upper mounts enable you to adjustments to the camber.
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BMW 1 Series E82 Bilstein Coilovers PSS9
PSS9 stands for Performance Suspension System with 9 damping settings and progressive springs. The mono-tube gas shock absorbers feature compression and rebound settings anywhere between comfort and competition. Bilstein claims the PSS9 coil-overs will last four times as long as OEM BMW suspension and backs this up with a lifetime warranty.

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BMW 1 Series E82 Bilstein Coilovers PSS10

"So far they have been everything that I would imagine. I'm currently on setting 4/10 front and rear. Body roll is gone, car feels very neutral and very responsive. I would say it's about 20% stiffer over the stock suspension, I was quite surprised. I was expecting a harsh jarring ride because that's what I've always heard of coilovers. Looks do come at a premium, my driving style has been severely altered as the car would love to kiss speed bumps. I would definitely recommend this to anyone on the fence of which brand suspension to go with."
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The PSS10 Coil-Over System is an evolution of the PSS9 system. Ten settings are available at the base of the shock body so you know exactly what setting you are on without counting clicks. Ride height adjustments can be made on the vehicle without removing the suspension. A solid aluminum nut adjusts the vehicle's ride height. Bilstein includes special wrenches in the PSS10 kit. The shock body is mated with a solid steel polished shaft, machined valving components and high quality seals. Bilstein backs the PSS10 with an aftermarket lifetime warranty.

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Front: -1.2-2.0” (30-50mm)

Rear: -1.0-2.0” (25-50mm)

BMW 1 Series E82 H&R Coilovers Street Performance

H&R Street Performance Coil Overs feature fully threaded shocks. This allows the threaded spring perch to be moved up or down to fine-tune the ride height.
The Street Performance Kits use black anodized aluminum front struts for minimal weight. While each mono-tube gas shock is specifically engineered to work smoothly with the progressive rate springs. H&R is the originator of the true coil over system for the street and continues to lead the market. H&R units are hand-assembled in Germany under rigid ISO 9001 and German TÜV standards.

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Front: 1.4-2.6” (35-65mm)
Rear: 1.4-2.6” (35-65mm)
BMW 1 Series E82 KW Suspension Variant 1 Coilover V1
The KW Variant 1 coil-overs make the ride height of the BMW 1 Series infinitely adjustable within German TUV-tested adjustment parameters. The damping rate of the Variant 1 comes pre-set from the KW factory. All KW coil-overs use their trademark yellow springs, purple anodized aluminum components and bump stops with integrated dust protection. Aluminum spring collars adjust the position of the springs upwards or downwards via a trapezoidal thread. The damper housings are available in stainless steel or galvanised steel to maximise durability.

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Front: -1.4-2.6” (35-65mm)
Rear: -1.4-2.6” (35-65mm)
BMW 1 Series E82 KW Suspension Variant 2 Coilover V2
"How do I feel about it? My mechanic had an M3 race car in which he gave me a ride. My car gave me a similar feeling in handeling. I did not go for a huge drop, I am allowing the springs to settle before I go further down. The rebound compression is set at just 30% stiffer. My suspension now feels like an envelope, the feeling is more like it hugs the road closely and it is not much harsher than the original sport suspension."

"First I have only having driven to work once and home from the shop. I feel like the stock suspension was decent (i have the sports package so i think im already a little lowered). The car no longer floats, on turns it simply does that. The ride actually seems more compliant, its stiffer but does not bounce and float as much as before."

The Variant 2 is intended for the driver who requires individual lowering and suspension characteristics from his BMW 1 Series. KW includes all features of the KW Variant 1 with the addition of adjustable rebound. The rebound damping primarily, controls pitch and roll of the vehicle, which directly influences comfort and handling. The BMW 1 Series suspension can now be set to anything from comfortable to sporty stiff. Adjustments can be made with the kit installed using a spindle at the end of the piston rod.


Front: 1.4-2.6” (35-65mm)
Rear: 1.4-2.6” (35-65mm)
BMW 1 Series E82 KW Suspension Variant 3 Coilover V3
The Variant 3 represents state-of-the-art technology for the experienced driver. Separate and independent compression and rebound damping options allows for an individual suspension set-up. The three individually adjustable components, enables you to fine tune the compression of the damper in the low-speed range, while the high speed setting, so decisive for driving comfort, has been preset by KW engineers.

The unique low-speed pressure adjustment is the decisive feature of the Variant 3. In this absorption area the handling of the vehicle is greatly influenced. An increase in the damping force supports the vehicle even during compression, thereby preventing pitch, roll and notably improving cornering. The compression characteristics are adjusted utilizing a new, patented valve at the lower end of the damper casing.

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